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First:  Bain has a great reputation in the community for integrity.  I wanted to work with a broker who would sell me the right property on the right terms and tell me when I am making a mistake - and who was looking to build a relationship, rather than just make a sale.  So far, you have lived up to this reputation and been exactly that sort of broker and I look forward to a long relationship.

Second:  In a world where virtually every property shows up on multiple listing services, Trulia, Zillow and a host of other web sites, a buyer no longer needs the broker to have a long rolodex and a catalogue of exclusive listings.  Rather, the buyer (in this case, me) needs the broker to be an advisor and partner in identifying the right properties and managing the expectations of buyer and seller in order to make the deal happen.  You have a reputation for being that sort of advisor/partner and, from what I have seen so far, you are very much living up to that reputation.

Third:  There are many brokers in the world.  However, in my experience, only a few of them have the market knowledge, dedication to client satisfaction, work ethic and thoroughness to truly be “professionals.”  Virtually every brokerage firm has some great brokers, but the large ones (and many of the small ones) also have some lousy brokers.  Although Bain is a smaller firm, you have a reputation for being staffed by professionals and … again … my limited experience with you has shown that this reputation is justified.

Fourth:  I have a home on Long Mountain Road in New Milford and receive your regular market update about the area.  This report provided me with my first introduction to Bain - and it was a very impressive introduction.  Although I receive periodic market reports from Sotheby’s and others, their reports do not compare to yours.  To be frank … I don’t really care how the market is doing in Litchfield County or even in New Milford - which is what the other reports tell me.  Real estate is inherently local and the specific location within a locale makes a huge difference.  Knowing what is happening in New Milford generally tells me nothing about what is happening with my house.  Your market report continues to be the only report I receive from a brokerage firm that provides truly useful information to me.  It showed me that you understand at a very granular level that you understand what is happening in a market that I care about and I have extrapolated on that experience to believe that you have similar knowledge about the other markets in which you work.  Perhaps I am wrong to make this extrapolation, but I have seen nothing yet to convince me that I am mistaken.

Since I first started working with you, my impressions of you and your firm have only been enhanced.  You have been proactive in keeping me focused and in identifying properties that might be interesting to me.  You have provided very useful market knowledge and crucial input on market conditions.  You have told me when my ideas have been stupid (fortunately … not too often), but you have also helped me to refine them and better understand what I should be looking for here.  You have also been exceedingly patient.  Those are the things that I need from a broker and you have done them exceedingly well.

Finally, after a long career of successfully selling my services as a lawyer, I think that I have a pretty good idea what enables providers of professional services to be successful - and I think that, fundamentally, real estate brokerage is a professional services industry.  In the end, there are many good lawyers to choose from and many good brokers - each of whom could do a great job on any given assignment.  What ultimately makes a client choose and stick with a professional is the simple fact the client likes the professional on a personal level, trusts them and enjoys working with them.  So far, you have consistently delivered this intangible benefit to me.

Best regards.



"Mr. Bain

I wanted to write to thank you for your smooth handling of my property sale. When we first spoke I had concerns due my long distance residence from the Litchfield Hills - you calmed my fears and made the process really quite simple - every question no matter how small was carefully considered and seriously answered calming any concerns I had. You educated me on my open options, then based on your long time experience and knowledge helped me make the right decisions. Any paperwork was quickly sent to me for signing so the entire process moved like a fine watch movement.

Your office shows that highest quality of professionalism style and grace that is the sure sign of a well run business. I am very pleased that I came to you to handle my real estate business and I would highly recommend you services to anyone interested in the markets you cover. You had every 'i' dotted and every 't' crossed every time no difficulties no problems - If only the country ran as smoothly."

Sincerely F Nolan

"I would like to thank you for meeting with me and taking the time to do a walk through last Monday. It was such a beautiful day to begin with, and your helpfulness rounded it out. I was impressed with the way you went the extra mile, and I do appreciate it."


"David – Great job! A real pleasure working with you."


"I think buying and settling here was the best thing I ever did. I associate that happiness in no small degree to your influencing the decision and making it happen. Thank you."


"Thank you so very much for making the finding of our get-away home so easy! It has been a real pleasure getting to know you and I hope we can be friendly neighbors in the Kent/Sharon area."

Carol and Bill


Mark Amsterdam

"David recently showed us several houses in the Kent area, some at my suggestion, some at his.

David knows the area. He knows the recent sales history and he knows appropriate prices. After we made a bid, David carefully shepherded us through the negotiations for the purchase and was helpful with ideas and suggestions throughout the process.

David also introduced us to friends of his in Kent so that we could know more about the area and would know more people in the area.

He is a very personable fellow with a terrific sense of humor, an absolute pleasure to deal with, and scupulously honest. I highly recommend him."


Sam Seidman

"David Bain showed a cosiderable familarity and interest in my property, as he did also with the immediate Kent Hollow neighborhood, which greatly helped in establishing the property's value. His pricing of the property was rigorous and creative and, once retained, he moved quickly to advertise the property and move to market. Once buyer interest was expressed, he was an effective bridge between buyer and seller to  bring the transaction to conclusion"


Honors, Awards, and Activities
• Awarded the 5 Star Designation by Crescendo Business Services for fourth year in a row
• Awarded Best in Kent for 2011 and 2014 by the U.S. Commerce Association
• Awarded by Connecticut Magazine as one of the agents in Connecticut who scored “highest in overall satisfaction”
• Current Board Member of Literacy Volunteers on the Green
• Past Board Member, Vice President and President of Weantinoge Heritage, the areas oldest and largest land trust
• Past Deacon of the Congregational Church, Kent, CT
• Founder and past president of a local chapter of Habit for Humanity. Oversaw the building of 5 houses.
• Charter Member and past president of Kent Chapter of Lions International
• Inducted into the Ridgewood High School Athletic Hall of Fame, in 2012, Ridgewood, NJ
• Member of the Torch Honor Society, Yale University
• Vice President of Dwight Hall in charge of Community Service, Yale University
• BA Yale University 1961
• MA New York University 1963

I have traveled the world and come to deeply value the clean simplicity of life in the Litchfield Hills. For thirty years I have worked to help others do the same.

As I gain in years, I grow in appreciation for all we have in this wonderful country, and specifically what we have in the Northwest corner of CT. Helping to aid and protect this community has been an important part of my life. Through the years I have been involved with Habitat for Humanity (personally supervising the construction of 6 homes), Weantinogue Heritage Land Trust (on its Board for 26 years helping to preserve 7000 acres), and am a founding and Charter Member of the Kent branch of Lions International. Our company also supports many local charities, and two other local land trusts and Kiva. Community involvement is one of our core values.

Our operational strategy for maintaining market leadership is that we give our clients the best expert and professional service and we dedicate ourselves to obtaining full market knowledge and providing discrete, personal advice in all real estate matters.

All of us at Bain Real Estate will work with and for you in your endeavor to find the perfect property for your needs and the needs of your family. And because we are all so ingrained and active in our own respective local communities, we can help you establish yourselves in the local fabric of your chosen town as well.

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